Cleaner and polisher
Cleamen 146
This product is designed for cleaning and polishing surfaces in one step. It is specifically for surfaces susceptible to damage and matting, such as burnished marble, granite, natural and artificial stones. It includes very fine particles and neutral detergents, which efficiently remove even the most resistant dirt. For floor surfaces, we recommend periodically cleaning the surface with water and adding Cleamen 101/201 for maintaining a pleasant scent. It can also be used on plastic surfaces, which will need to be rinsed with clean water afterwards. The product is designed for both direct use and dilution. Note: Not to be used for raw wood surfaces. For floor surfaces, apply manually with a mop or floor cleaning machine. For teh cleaning of window sills, table tops, bars, etc., a diffuser and micro-fibre wiper can be used
78,65 Kč - 1l
(65 Kč bez DPH)
579,59 Kč - 10 l
(479 Kč bez DPH)
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About the trademark Ecological product

Ecology begins to increasingly penetrate into our lives, and because of that we are seeing increased interest in environmentally friendly products and technologies. There many reasons for this development. Among the most important are the increasingly deteriorating condition of the air and the atmosphere in general, the alarming world ocean pollution and the global water system, and mainly constantly increasing, totally devastating impact of human activity on nature. Therefore there have been many different legislative measures designed to help eliminate this negative world trend. Every day we encounter countless real products in ecological design. Here, too, we sometimes wonder whether these products are really ecological, or is this merely a manufacturer's marketing strategy. At present, the evaluation of the environmental standards of all areas of human activity is carried out using the methodology of carbon footprint. This methodology is universal, and features a possibility of using the evaluation of ecological level of a thermal power plant operation through production of cars to cooking tomato sauce. It consists basically of two parts, which allows us to evaluate the ecological costingness of a product from both the material and the energy. Therefore neither the product that is at first glance made from renewable raw materials has to comply with the criteria due to the high energy demands. In the area of washing and cleaning detergents we all surely know the law on the drastic reduction of phosphates in washing detergents, and the complete ban on the use of ethoxylated nonylphenols. Therefore, CORMEN s.r.o. would like to present you with their environmentally friendly products. Our organic line includes cleansers - for bathrooms, dishes, ecological toilet cleaner and cleaner for shiny surfaces. The first ecological product is an ECO dish cleaner "Krystal" that is made of raw materials of natural origin - corn and coconut. According to the results of the crown of the plate test, the product is rated very good in washing efficiency. By careful selection of natural raw materials, high dermatological tolerance to hand skin was achieved.
The overall natural character of the product is highlighted by an intense scent of citrus fruits. The ecological agent "Krystal" for bathrooms is a top product combining the high efficiency of removing soap residuals, cosmetics and scale of the cleaned surfaces with a maximum corrosion tolerance towards all metal bathrooms accessories. Thanks to its unique composition, it leaves high gloss and a protective polymer layer after the use. Using this polymer technology, we protect surfaces against the formation of crystallization centres of scaling, and prevent the penetration of dirt into the interior of the cleaned surfaces. It is a further use of our knowledge of the development of our toilet cleaners, where this method of the protection of the cleaned surfaces has been successfully used. The proof of the correctness of our chosen path of development so be it, that Henkel has recently come to the market with the same philosophy of that product type innovation. The ecological toilet cleaner - Krystal WC cleaner - is a highly effective cleaner of toilets and ceramic sanitary equipment. With its composition, it is destined for cleaning ceramic surfaces, especially where there is hard water and an increased incidence of scale. Regular application of this product completely prevents the formation of unpleasant discolorations the base of which is limescale. For fragrance is again used a highly stable, fruity fragrance. Cleamen 146, a cleaner and polish on shiny surfaces, again uses our knowledge of the combination of active ingredients and protective polymers. This type of polymers is a result of recent developments of these substances. They feature an entirely unique way of combining high mechanical abrasion resistance, improved chemical resistance against certain substances, and of course outstanding biodegradability. In everyday practice, preventing the entry of dirt into the interior of the cleaned surfaces and significantly facilitate any further washing. In an entirely unique way, their features combine high mechanical abrasion resistance, improved chemical resistance to certain substances and, of course, an outstanding biodegradability. In everyday practice, they prevent the penetration of dirt into the interior of the cleaned surfaces, and significantly facilitate every following washing.